Sensors Expo 2018

Sensors Expo 2018 highlights

We love this event every year! For those of you who also share our passion for this event (and for many who we have connected with at this event). We have included a photo of this event. Some of the highlights included in this photo:

  1. Our CO2 sensor demo – always fun to showcase the sensing from your breath. Here is a the actual video demo.
  2. Mark Miller and Craig Pryor – two of the genius masterminds who were instrumental in developing our QuiC SLED, aka mid-IR LEDs.
  3. The view from our offices everyday of Mt. Olympus, Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah.
  4. A copy of this article was featured in Laser Focus World magazine comparing our mid-IR LEDs to laser diodes. Read it here.
  5. Most probably a potential customer who is excited to learn about the possibilities of utilizing the QuiC SLED (mid-IR LEDs) in his sensing module to increase efficiency while greatly reducing costs.  

Sensors Expo 2018

idtechex usa iot

IdTechEx USA – Here We Come!


IoT - IDTechEx USA

We love our road shows! And this week is no exception. Join us in Silicon Valley, CA for the IDTechEx USA show!

We are at Booth #T36.

We will be featured in a few different application areas:

  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sensors

Oh yes, and stay connected to us on Twitter this week to see the highlights!

Wearable USA - IDTechEx

Internet of Things Applications - IDTechEx USA

Sensors USA - IDTechEx