The RPD01 is a current-regulated pulse generator for our QuiC SLED™ product line of mid-infrared light emitting diodes. The pulse generator operates in two distinct timing modes for short bursts of high current (burst mode) or long pulses of lower current (quasi-CW).

Burst mode is ideal for use with time-gated or peak-detection applications that require maximum LED brightness. This allows the LED to be driven at a full 2.0 A of current, thereby passing the 2.0 mW barrier in output power.

Quasi-continuous wave, or qCW, is ideal for application times involving long integration times or lock-in amplification techniques.

The RPD01 is powered by a single 9.0 V supply and features a secondary output of 5.0 V TTL pulses for timing synchronization with the primary drive current. Cycling between drive states is accomplished with a simple toggle switch.

Output current is specifically regulated to 2.0 A for burst mode and 300 mA for qCW mode operation. This maintains a constant drive current that is independent of specific LED impedance variations due to temperature drift or process uncertainties.

Current-Regulated Pulse Generator Applications

  • Time gating
  • Lock-in amplification
  • Peak detection
  • Infrared imaging/illumination
  • Gas sensing
THzDC Typical Timing Comparison Chart
THzDC Pulse Regulator Device Image
THzDC Pulse Regulator Quasi-Continuous Wave
THzDC Pulse Regulator Pulsed Mode Chart