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IdTechEx USA – Here We Come!

  We love our road shows! And this week is no exception. Join us in Silicon Valley, CA for the IDTechEx USA show! We are at Booth #T36. We will be featured in a few different application areas: Wearables Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors Oh yes, and stay connected to us on Twitter this week […]

Watch Mark Demonstrate Our CO2 Mid-IR LED Sensor

We captured the cool video demonstration of our mid-IR LED – QuiC SLED™ again! If you haven’t seen it around social media, make sure you see it here! Watch our chief scientist, Mark Miller PhD, demonstrate the carbon dioxide (CO2) sensing abilities of our QuiC SLED™ tuned to 4.25 µm. This product can also be […]

Mid-IR LEDs to compete with lasers?

Emerging Mid-IR LEDs are competing with lasers in health & environmental sensing, according to Dr. Mark Miller, as featured in the latest edition of Laser Focus World magazine. LEDs emerge in environmental and health sensing markets The voracious appetite of the internet-of-things for high-volume, inexpensive optical sensor nodes favors mid-infrared LEDs over lasers for many […]

Mid-IR LEDs and what we learned at Sensors

Sensors Expo 2017 was a great event, as expected, and we connected with some great people. We were pleasantly surprised with the interest in, and enthusiasm for, mid-IR LED sensors. The prominent market demands that stood out for us included a few surprises. Top areas of interest at the conference: Automobile sensing – clean air […]

Headed to Anaheim for SPIE DCS

SPIE Defense & Commercial Sensing Conference – here we come! Our team is headed to Anaheim, CA, for our next adventure and to share the great news about our QuiC SLED™ product line for mid-infrared LEDs. Will you be in the area? Visit our booth #265. ABOUT  SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2017 The leading […]

Lasers versus LEDs – The Debate

The Seventh Sense Blog recently published a blog post on the Sensors Magazine online site (click here for the full article). The unknown author referred to as “MD” professes that “Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are probably the most chronicled electronic components of all time, the ones finding more applications by the minute, and the fastest […]

Climate change, global warming, and LEDs

Can mid-infrared LEDs impact global warming through Internet of Things  sensing for methane & CO2? We think so! After reviewing this article written by Beatrice Gitau of the Christian Science Monitor about methane gas leaking from the ocean floor, we got to thinking “What if our mid-infrared LEDs, or QuiC SLEDs as we call them, could impact […]

Sensors Expo ’15

And the team is off again – this time to Long Beach, California, for the Sensors Expo 2015! If you are in the area, we would love to see you! This year’s team includes our President & CEO, Mark Miller as well as our Marketing Team, MaryPat Kavanagh and Nicole Berry. Our latest technology including […]