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Terahertz Device Corporation produces and markets light sources and related technologies across the infrared spectrum and terahertz frequency range. Founded in 2000 by Mark Miller and Stephen Barkley for solid-state terahertz device R&D, Terahertz now sells products and services to other manufacturers and R&D laboratories in the imaging, sensing, medical, military, communications, and optical industries.

The QuiC SLEDs™ mid-infrared LED’s developed by Terahertz are first-mover devices that have opened a new market space in wavelength and power for mid-infrared light emitting diodes. THzDC both markets these fast-switching lights and develops new applications — both on its own and with partners for mid-infrared illumination, sensing, and communications.

Terahertz’s other technologies include terahertz vacuum electronics, solid-state laser waveguide circuits, and mid-infrared photodiodes, which enable new applications and markets in multi-spectral illumination, sensing, and communications.

Mark Miller, Ph.D. - CEO & Chief Engineer for Terahertz Device CorpMark Miller, Ph.D.
CEO, Chief Scientist

Dr. Miller co-founded the company in 2000 and has served full-time since 2011. Previously, Dr. Miller’s research and teaching in engineering and physics centered on semiconductor device design, fabrication, and applications, with contributions in quantum nanostructures for optical and electrical devices, vacuum electronics, and terahertz technologies.

John Diroll, Director at Terahertz Device corpJohn Diroll, M.B.A.
Director of New Technologies

Mr. Diroll  leads the new technology and product development for producing mid and long wave Infrared LED sensors. He works with CEO to develop business with key potential clients and manage NRE projects while maintaining relationships with the foundry and other suppliers.  He has been recognized in the industry with many awards including Four President’s Awards for New Technology, Operational Excellence Award  and BIQ Award for Excellence in New Product Development and Market Leading Technology.  

Arden Clarke - Direct of Project Management at Terahertz Device CorpArden Clarke
Director of Project Management

Ms. Clarke is the director of program management.  Arden has a passion for creating strong long lasting relationships with customers while integrating innovative and rewarding projects. She has a successful history in project management including managing games information systems for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Areas of expertise encompass project management, resource deployment, coordinating and training over 500 volunteers.  Arden also is an event management consultant and has a background in human resources.  She brings enthusiasm, strategic planning and a guided force to the team at Terahertz. She graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Business Management and Parks Recreation and Tourism.

MaryPat Kavanagh - Director of Marketing at Terahertz Device CorpMaryPat Kavanagh
Director of Marketing

Ms. Kavanagh joined the Terahertz team in 2015. With an extensive background in online marketing and traditional advertising, her experience brings a fresh energy to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. A serial entrepreneur, she has owned, operated and assisted in catapulting hundreds of businesses to achieve success through strategic marketing, systems and the development of leveraged opportunities that result in increased visibility, more clients, and a better life.

She lives in Salt Lake City and believes that her true mission is to empower her four daughters to impact their communities and the world.

Nicole Berry - Director of Communication at Terahertz Device CorpNicole Berry
Director of Communication

Ms. Berry has over 12 years experience in Business Development, Sales, Public Relations, and Marketing –  stemming from her work at The Blackstone Group, Franklin Covey, and Plus One Health Management in New York City.  She has been with Terahertz Device Corporation for 2 years and is actively involved in her community through volunteering at Tracy Aviary, Habitat for Humanity, and local PTA’s and Education Community Councils.

She loves the outdoors and you will frequently see her on various hiking trails along the Wasatch Mountains or scuba diving in the Florida Keys.

Kimberlee Sylvester - Director of Operations at Terahertz Device CorpKimberlee Sylvester
Director of Operations

Ms. Sylvester studied International Business and earned her MBA at NYU Stern School Of Business.  She obtained her certification in Six Sigma while working as a business consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies   Early on in her career, she worked for several companies providing risk management assessment, quality control and GAP analysis.  In 2016, she joined Terahertz Device Corporation to assist with operational budgeting and financial reports.

Ms. Sylvester lives in Sandy, Utah with her husband and three boys.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, skiing and biking

Karl Farnsworth - Chief Financial Officer at Terahertz Device CorpKarl Farnsworth
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Farnsworth has extensive experience as CFO for companies experiencing rapid growth. In 2013, he founded, a management consulting firm, that specializes in CFO services. Mr. Farnsworth was CFO of a medical device company that launched its IPO in 2014. Previously, he led a high-tech electrical alloy company to significant, profitable expansion.

SteveBarkleyHeadshot02Stephen Barkley, M.A., J.D.

Mr. Barkley co-founded the company in 2000, and has since served as Vice President. Mr. Barkley has extensive experience with law, business, and leadership. In addition to his role at Terahertz, he is currently President, CEO, and Director for a group of companies that provides human services in several states. Mr. Barkley also serves as a Member of the Boards of Directors and officer for several non-profit organizations.

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