The QuiC SLED™ taken to the Sensors Expo

June, 2014 — The QuiC SLED™ taken to the Sensors Expo in Chicago. The 4.25 µm QuiC SLED, with emission lined up for carbon dioxide detection in the MWIR window, was introduced to the sensors community with a booth demonstration that features the LED also used as a photodiode to give a live demonstration of […]

Terahertz Device Corporation announces the first mid-infrared LEDs of its new QuiC SLED™ product line

Salt Lake City — May 2014 — Terahertz Device Corporation has announced availability for the first devices of its QuiC SLED™ product line. The LEDs emit 4.25 µm wavelength light, with peak powers above 2 milliwatts. This new technology brings bright, fast-switching lights to the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) atmospheric window, and the emission peak of […]